Technology for woodcrafters

Introduction of table saws

Technology advancement has brought a revolution for the wood crafters. It has introduced new methods and wood work tools that have enabled the wood crafters to carry out the work efficiently and in a short time span. Table saw in one of those technologies that have contributed towards the evolution.

Table saw and its use

A saw bench or table saw is a wood work tool that is made up of a circular saw blade that is driven by an electric motor. The electric motor either runs through belt or gears.

Table saws were specifically designed for cutting wood but they have also facilitated the wood crafters for cutting sheet plastic, sheet aluminium and sheet brass.

Choosing the correct table saw

Table saws can be categorised into bench top, contractor, cabinet, hybrid and mini and micro, each of which performs the same task differently. Bench top being the least expensive and lightweight table saw, offers precision for many tasks. Contractor table saws are also not costly, do not require high power and are mostly suitable for hobbyists and homeowners.

Due to the high voltage requirement (motor with 4 to 6 KW range), heavy weight and high accuracy, Cabinet table saws are usually used in commercial and industrial sites. Hybrid table saws compete with contractor table saws by providing a sliding table for improved cross cutting capability.

With a blade diameter of 4 inches, Mini and micro table saws are efficient at cutting small pieces that are dangerous to be cut by huge table saws.

Safety measures

Table saws can be extremely dangerous of precautionary measure are not taken. Fixing a dust extractor (if it is likely for sawdust to build under the blade), the use of magnetic feather board, an automatic braking system are some of the measures that can be taken to ensure safety.